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Spirit's Volunteers

Join Us

If you believe in her mission.
 If you’re simply curious about life aboard a traditional working sailing vessel, or how things work.
If you want to be part of something larger than yourself, and make a difference in lives of young people, or even adults.
If you would like to tell amazing stories of Charleston, and show off her amazing Maritime heritage.
If you’ve ever thought about what it would be like to..go to sea, navigate by the sun and stars, sing a shanty, steer a tall ship, be a shipmate.        
Then Join us.

Volunteer a few hours, or a few days per week.

Volunteers fill a variety of roles in support of Spirit of South Carolina’s Mission:

  • Docents/Tour Guides – Lead tours of visitors, around the vessel explaining how she works, life aboard, at sea.

  • Educator- Lead sessions of a few minutes to a few hours, educating visitors in a variety of topics  

  • Deckhands : Learn the deckhand skills needed to sail the Spirit of South Carolina, and augment the paid crew for a Harbor Sail or an off-shore cruise.  Learn the skills and disciplines for taking care of the ship.

  • Social Media administration.  Help manage and keep up to date the ship’s social media platforms.   

  • Development.  Help develop fundraising programs and events.


Learning, Maintaining, Sailing and Connecting

Volunteers built SSV Spirit of South Carolina. Since her inception we Volunteers have teamed with her professional crew and staff, in every aspect of her operation and care.   We bring on board our own talents and skills to support her mission. We learn the skills of maintaining and sailing traditional sailing ships. Our connection with the schooner, brings her to life with Charleston and the Low Country Community. 


Volunteer's Blog

The Volunteer Blog supports the Volunteers of Spirit of South Carolina in several ways, primarily as an up-to-date journal of Volunteer activities, dating back to 2019. The blog serves as a knowledge repository for all thing related to developing Deckhand skills. Download the Crew Manual, Search the bibliography of related nautical literature. . Check out the links to our Volunteer photo album for a visual impression of all the things Volunteers do.


Join Us.
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