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Sail Away

Sail away, sail away, sail away…

Porpoises nudge our hull each day; I think they know we need to sail away. And in a few weeks that’s exactly what we’ll do. There’s no place like Charleston but southern New England beckons; a visit to Mystic Seaport will precede our setting up a base of operations in Newport. From there we’ll sail out on our various adventure education programs (more on these shortly). New crew members are arriving with some regularity now. In future postings we will reveal their identities…one at a time so you can savor each of them.

The ship is gleaming; you need sunglasses to look at her. I’ve been teasing my schooner friends, calling her “the Mercedes-Benz of the schooner fleet.” Time in port close to her two containers of tools and supplies (and to her dedicated volunteers) has helped to give her this new ship look. She will be a proud ambassador for Charleston as she sails those northern waters and greets new friends and old to her immaculate teak decks.

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