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Spirit of South Carolina

Learn more about this pretty lady, native borne with a heritage equal to the waters she sails.  

She's not just a boat ride, but a real Experience. 

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Our Mission

SSV Spirit of South Carolina is dedicated to honoring and curating the  Seafaring History and diverse Maritime Heritage of South Carolina by offering a unique educational platform for the people of the Palmetto State, in particular her youth.

Our Strategy

Participants will experience programs designed around an interdisciplinary hands-on curriculum integrated with the history and literature of South Carolina and our relationship to the sea.  Just as important, Spirit of South Carolina will challenge and engage students with a unique Tall Ship experience which:

  • Builds Pride and a sense of achievement

  • Increases self-confidence and belief in one’s self

  • Encourages Self-reliance/independence

  • Develops Resilience

  • Exercises Self-control/personal discipline

  • Appreciates values of teamwork and cooperation

  • Respects and understands perspectives of others resulting in their own broadened perspective

  • Increases knowledge/awareness of different social groups and increased ability to bridge social differences

  • Fosters Organizational skills and time management

Get Involved

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Partner with Us

Spirit of South Carolina is so many things:  A Platform for learning; a vehicle for experiential development of teams, leadership, and character; both, individual and organizational; A  venue for the special events of your organization. Mostly, she's a totally unique experience just boarding her, and sensing the wonder, excitement, romance of seafaring under sail, and the Low Country Maritime Heritage she represents.


  Click here: Let us show you how Spirit of South Carolina can suit your purpose.  

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Volunteers built Spirit of South Carolina. At her early years over 300 volunteers contributed in every role from Deckhand to Development. The roles you can help with are numerous.    It's still the simplest yet most rewarding way to a direct role in preserving South Carolina's Maritime heritage and contributing to development of her youth.

Click here and get in touch today with any questions about the many ways you can get involved.

Meanwhile check out the Volunteer Blog.    It's a detailed journal of volunteer activities since 2019, and a repository full of useful resources  such as deckhand skills references,  books, photos and video footage.


Make a Donation

Want to join our efforts but you're limited in time, or not sure where to start?  Make a donation, whether one-time or monthly/yearly. Spirit of South Carolina depends primarily on community support to sustain it's programs for the Low Country. Your contribution funds Education programs for Low Country Youth, maintaining the ship, and salaries for our professional crew members. You can decide where your contribution goes.

Click here to see the ways you can help. 

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